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25th October 2012

Gade Surgery telephone number 775291 has been diverted and this number is now available albeit on a reduced service. Through our telecoms supplier we hope to be able to resume a normal service shortly.

24th October 2012

Gade Surgery telephone number 775291 has ceased to work. Every effort is being made to restore service. In the meantime please make contact using our Chorleywood surgery number which is 283900. We apologise for any inconvenience this is causing and we are working to rectify this fault as soon as possible.

Swine Flu Pandemic

The WHO have announced on the 11th June that Swine Flu is now defined as being a pandemic due to its spreading around the world. To keep it in context this describes the spread and not its severity which is mild in most people having only mild symptoms and making a speedy recovery. Although having returned from a high risk area such as Mexico or having a known contact makes this diagnosis more likely, due to the fact that it has now spread through the community more generally any flu-like illness could be Swine Flu.
Please click on this link to find out answers to commonly asked questions.
If you have a temperature over 38 degrees centigrade and the flu-like symptoms as listed on the link, call the Swine Flu Information Line on 0800 1 513 513 to hear the latest advice or call NHS Direct on 0845 4647.
The government as of 22nd July have launched a National Pandemic Flu Service which largely supercedes the other services on offer and either by telephone or via a website allows the assessment of symptoms and the recommendation based on these as to whether you could take an antiviral such as Tamiflu or Relenza. If you are so advised you will be given a unique reference number and told where the local distribution centre is located. A well person should go on behalf of the person thought to have Swine Flu and will need to take personal identification for the collector and for the patient. To access this service ring 0800 1513 100 or go to
If you are advised, you can call your GP but do not go into your GP surgery, or to a hospital, as you may spread the disease to others. Please advise the receptionist answering the telephone that you have flu-like symptoms and she will take your details and a GP will ring you back.

It must be stressed that in the majority of people who get Swine Flu it is a minor illness with an uncomplicated recovery. Although anti-viral medication (Tamiflu etc.) is available to anyone who is suffering with swine flu, it is particularly recommended for the very young and old, those with other health problems or pregnant women. Others may opt to treat themselves symptomatically. It is also advised that any such persons isolate themeselves as much as possible until they are feeling better.

A vaccination programme will be rolled out from the third week in November initially for those groups that are at highest risk (see this
link.) and as more supplies become availabe these groups will be extended to the general population. The vaccine is very similar to the season flu vaccine and so is tried and tested. It can be given with the seasonal flu vaccination if this is indicated as well.It is now recommended that one dose of vaccine is recommended for most groups.

As the vaccine supply is very limited and there are initial targeted groups we will write to patients individually to invite them for vaccination. At this stage only contact us if you feel you are in one of the 'at risk' groups and have not been called.

It is strongly recommended that when offered the vaccine this is taken up.

We have now covered most of the at risk groups and currently are inviting children six months to five years and have two clinics booked for Saturday the 9th and 16th January.

Advise updated 09/01/10

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