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Patient Survey 2014



The original aim of the survey taken in February 2014 was to begin to gauge patient response to recently introduced technologies supporting patient communications and appointment bookings. This will help us to monitor improvements in relation to the Action Plan proposed by the Patient Participation Group.


Q1 How do you normally book your appointment to see a GP or nurse (please tick all the boxes that apply to you):



Number Percentage
In person 38 Not Applicable
By phone to a receptionist 120 Not Applicable
By automated telephone booking 33 Not Applicable
By online booking 12 Not Applicable
Doesn't apply 0 Not Applicable


Automated telephone bookings have been in place for slightly longer than on-line bookings, however, use of the system remains consistent the number of patients making use of the technology is still relatively low. This is borne out by the number of patients who still prefer to book their appointment by phone with a receptionist (59%). This highlights the need for the practice to again increase patient awareness of the alternatives so that telephone lines become marginally less busy and Receptionists are free to deal directly with patient enquiries, thereby improving overall patient experience.


Q2 Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book appointments (please tick all the boxes that apply):



Number Percentage
In person 27 Not Applicable
By phone to a receptionist 108 Not Applicable
By automated telephone booking 22 Not Applicable
By online booking 50 Not Applicable
No Preference 5 Not Applicable

Q3 Did you know that if you give us your mobile phone number we will send you an appointment reminder 2 days before your appointment



Number Percentage
I receive appointment reminders and I find it helpful 81 62
I do not want to have my mobile number on record 8 6
I did not know this service was available 34 26
I don't have a mobile number 7 5



62% of patients responding to the question found it helpful to receive appointment reminders and there is evidence that the rate of patients not attending a booked appointment is improving somewhat, especially as patients are able to cancel appointments which they no longer need by text. The system has added advantages in that it provides an economical means for patients to be invited for routine health checks etc. 26% of those responding did not know the service was available, again highlighting the need to raise patient awareness of alternative ways to communicate with the surgery.


Q4 Last time you wanted to see or speak to a GP or nurse, what did you want to do?



Number Percentage
See a GP at the surgery 109 74
See a nurse at the surgery 23 15
Speak to a GP on the phone 11 7
Speak to a nurse on the phone 1 1
Arrange for a home visit 1 1
I didnt mind/wasn't sure what I wanted 3 2

Q5 And when did you want to see or speak to them



Number Percentage
On the same day 43 31
On the next working day 15 11
A few days later 37 27
A week or more later 12 9
I didn't haved a specific day in mind 26 19
Can't remember 4 3

Q6 How convenient was the appointment you were able to get?



Number Percentage
Very convenient 72 52
Fairly convenient 54 39
Not very convenient 8 6
Not at all convenient 1 1

Q7 If you werenít able to get an appointment or the appointment you offered wasnít convenient, why was that?



Number Percentage
There weren't any appointments on the day I wanted 23 37
There weren't any appointments at the time I wanted 23 37
I couldn't see my usual GP 4 6
I couldn't book far enough ahead 0 0
Another reason 12 19

Q8 What did you do on that occasion?



Number Percentage
Took the appointment I was offered 59 61
Got an appointment for a different day 25 25
Had a consultation on the phone 4 4
Went to A&E 3 3
Saw a pharmacist 0 0
Decided to contact my surgery another time 4 4
Did not pursue the matter 2 2

Q9 Overall, how would you describe your experience of making an appointment?



Number Percentage
Very good 71 51
Fairly good 51 37
Neither good nor bad 10 7
Fairly poor 5 4
Very poor 2 1


It is encouraging that 88% of those taking part in the survey described their experience of booking an appointment as good or very good (in relation to choice and availability).


Q10 If you have used our on-line appointment booking, how did you find it?



Number Percentage
I like the on-line booking system, it saves time 9 7
I like the on-line booking system, I can make an appointment at any time 11 9
I find the on-line booking system difficult to use 9 7
I prefer to book in person with a member of staff 17 14
I haven't used the system yet 62 52
I do not intend to use the on-line booking system 12 10


The practice recognises that on-line bookings are still in their infancy (52% of those responding have no used the system yet). Obviously this option isnít for everyone, however the practice recognises that it needs to encourage and support patients to ensure that as many as possible benefit from the ease of on-line booking 24 hours a day. The practice has noted that, although numbers of patients do express an interest, and are issued with login details, many do not go on to activate their login. This will be addressed in future patient communications.


Q11 Equality and Diversity Monitoring Form Age Group



Number Percentage
16-19 1 1
20-24 3 2
25-29 4 3
30-34 8 6
35-39 9 6
40-44 12 8
45-49 12 8
50-54 10 7
55-59 19 13
60-64 17 12
65+ 47 33

Q12 Gender



Number Percentage
Male 41 30
Female 96 70

Overall, although patient communications are moving in the right direction, the practice still needs to make it as easy as possible for patients to keep in touch easily and conveniently.

In response to patient feedback, the next step will be to investigate the introduction of a call-queuing system which it is hoped will further increase capacity and, hopefully, reduce some of the frustration experienced by patients trying to get through to the surgery at busy times.

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