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Policy on Changing Doctors

This surgery operates a “personal lists” system whereby when you register you will be allocated to a named doctor and will be expected to see that doctor at every appointment unless they are away on leave.

Our doctors register new patients on a rota basis (this allows us to keep their patient lists to a realistic size to avoid patients having to wait a long time for an appointment with some doctors). Sometimes a doctor may not be registering new patients; this is invariably when their list has become too large.

If you occasionally wish to see a doctor of the same sex as yourself for a sensitive issue, we can offer you this, but you would then expect you to go back to your own doctor for any other appointments.

We recognise that sometimes you may wish to change to another doctor permanently. There can be a number of reasons for this. We always ask that you put your request in writing. Where a whole family wishes to change their doctor, a separate signature is required from all adult members of a family wishing to make this change.

You are not obliged to tell staff why you want to change your doctor. However, it can help a doctor to be able to reflect on instances where the doctor-patient relationship has not worked well,or where there has been some misunderstanding or miscommunication, or perhaps where a particular issue might have been dealt with differently. Very occasionally the doctor may wish to discuss this with you prior to the change to establish that, should you meet in the future, you will be happy to consult with that doctor again. This is essential as a refusal to consult with a particular doctor has the potential to put a patient at risk in an emergency situation. Patients who genuinely feel they are unable to do this even in this situation are encouraged to register at another practice so that their care is not compromised.

If you ask to change your doctor, you will normally be allocated to the doctor registering new patients in that week. The practice will also consider requests to register with a specific partner, providing they are accepting new patients at that time.

The request should be addressed to:

Ms M Carr
Practice Manager
Gade Surgery
Gade House
99b Uxbridge Road

It can take several days to make the change and you will be expected to continue seeing your original doctor until the change has been agreed.

The Partners
Gade Surgery
January 2014

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